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We are finally getting this Block of the Month we have been offering at the various quilt shows up online.  This 12 month BOM is a wool quilt top and something you will enjoy for years to come.  You can make it with the words Sew or So depending on your preference, but you will find it SO ADORABLE! 

Patterns by 1894 Cottonwood House included. 

Cottonwood Cabins (Sew Blessed)

  • When you sign up for block of the month we will keep your credit card number on file and automatically charge you on the 15th of each month. You can either pickup your blocks or we can mail them to you. Once you sign up, you can expect your first block to come the following 15th of the month. 

    ​If you wish to cancel after you have signed up, there will be an automatic $50 charge the next 15th of the month.

    ​Sometimes you will need to purchase the pattern separate from the kits that are included with the block of the month. Read the descriptions to see if there is something you will need to purchase in addition to signing up. 

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