In Store Guidlines for COVID-19

Carriage Country Quilts cares about keeping it's customers and employees safe. If you're planning on shopping with us please read the following guidelines!


1. Masks must be worn at all times 

- CDC approved masks must be worn while in the store to prevent the spread to other customers and to our employees. Every bit helps! Ensure your mask fits correctly and refrain from touching the outside of the mask once it is on. 


2. Maintain Social Distancing– Stay 6 ft apart

-COVID-19 is mainly spread through direct contact with droplets from other people. Staying 6ft apart will reduce chance of infection dramatically. 


3. Hand Sanitizer is available—please use some!

-Hand Sanitizer is available at the front counter and around the store. It is good practice to use hand sanitizer when you enter and exit the store. 


4. Restroom is not open to the public at this time

- During this phase of opening we do not have a Restroom available for public use.


5. Maximum occupancy: 5 customers

- This is to ensure proper distancing can be maintained. By ensuring that there is a low number of customers in the store, we can ensure everyone has room to move around while maintaining social distancing. The majority of the time Carriage Country Quilts has fewer customers than this in the store, but in the event that we have reached capacity we have seating available on our covered front porch.


6. Classes remain postponed 

-For updates on our class schedule, please follow us on facebook and subscribe to our email list. 


Thank you for being understanding during this difficult time!


We all have to do our part to continue to slow the spread!